Wednesday, October 15, 2008


1. True or False. This chapter might be best classified as a "pause in the sequence of judgments."

2. John saw four angels hold back the "four winds" of the earth. What were they holding back? (v.1)
  • a. Literal winds
  • b. The armies of Antichrist
  • c. The army of Jesus Christ
  • d. The next wave of more intense judgments
3. Then John saw another angel ascending from the east carrying "the seal of the living God”. What was that seal going to be used for? (vs. 2-3)
  • a. A "seal of protection"
  • b. A "seal of approval"
  • c. A "seal of identification"
  • d. A "seal of death"
4. True or False. Exactly 144,000 Jews AND Gentiles were sealed. (v.4)

5. According to the list of tribes that were sealed, one tribe is conspicuously missing. Name the tribe. ____________. Which answer might best explain why? (vs. 5-8)
  • a. They were dissolved as a tribe after the Assyrian captivity
  • b. They were much too scattered throughout the world
  • c. They had long forfeited any future blessings
  • d. They were the first tribe to fall into idolatry after Israel entered their promised land
6. The last half of this chapter changed dramatically from a scene where John was watching the 144,000 on earth receiving a "seal,” to a scene where he saw a great multitude worshiping in heaven. Which might best explain why? (vs. 9-18)
  • a. Because John was briefly transported even further into the future
  • b. Because the multitudes in heaven are saved as a direct result of the evangelistic efforts of the 144,000
  • c. Both (a) and (b)
  • d. Neither (a) nor (b)

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