Sunday, October 12, 2008


1. True or False. What Jesus accomplishes in this chapter is best understood by His assumed role as a Kinsman-Redeemer.

2. True or False. Although the earth belongs to God as the Creator, He gave to man to have dominion over. But man—by his sin—in turn gave it to Satan, thereby allowing Satan to become the god of this world. (v.1)

3. Complete this statement: The "scroll” John saw in the right hand of the Father with writing on the ____________ and on the ____________ and sealed with ______ seals is the ______________________________. (v.1)

4. What might best explain John's convulsive weeping when no one immediately responded to the angel who asked, "Who is worthy to open the scroll and to loose its seals?" (v.4)
  • a. John considered it to be an unreasonable request
  • b. John was upset that he couldn't open the scroll
  • c. John had concluded that no one was worthy
  • d. John knew that unless Jesus came forward to redeem the planet, the restoration of his nation Israel would go unfulfilled
5. An elder quieted John's spirit by assuring him that Jesus Christ had prevailed and would come forward to open the scroll. However, he didn't speak of Jesus by name, but instead attributed several titles to Him that identify Him in a particular way. Although Jesus is surely all of the following, which one does the elder apply to Jesus at this particular moment? (v.4)
  • a. The Bridegroom of the Church
  • b. The Messiah of Israel
  • c. Almighty God
  • d. God the Creator
6. Which statement is NOT true concerning Jesus as a "lamb as though it had been slain"? (v.6)
  • a. He bore the marks of crucifixion
  • b. It was His work on the Cross that made Jesus worthy to accomplish the purposes of God for man and creation
  • c. It is the shed blood of Christ that allows God to forgive and to redeem
  • d. It shadows the Passover, and is consistent with His role as the Messiah of Israel
  • e. The same image is used throughout Revelation
7. From whose right hand did Jesus take the scroll? (v.7)
  • a. God the Father
  • b. One of the four living creatures
  • c. One of the twenty-four elders
  • d. One of the arch angels
8. This chapter concludes with another resounding "cycle of praise" to Jesus Christ from an innumerable number of worshipers. How many are there? (v.9)
  • a. Ten thousand
  • b. Ten thousand times ten thousand
  • c. Thousands of thousands
  • d. Both b and c
  • e. An innumerable amount

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