Wednesday, October 22, 2008


1. True or False. The only time that the word "Alleluia" is used in all of the New Testament is in this chapter of Revelation. (vs. 5-7)

2. Complete this statement: "Alleluia! For the God Omnipotent reigns! Let us be __________ and ____________ and give Him glory, for the ______________ of the ________ has come, and His ________ has made herself _________." (vs. 5-7)

3. Fill in the blank: The Bride of the Lamb is the ____________. How does the Bride acquire her wedding gown? (v.8)
  • a. By her good works
  • b. She made it herself
  • c. She earned it while on earth
  • d. It is given to her
4. Which of the following best explains the "marriage supper of the Lamb"? (v.9)
  • a. It will be served on earth
  • b. It will honor the Lord and His Church
  • c. It will honor the Lord and Israel
  • d. Blessed are those who are called to attend
  • e. All of the above
5. Complete this statement: After restraining John from worshipping him, the angel said, "Worship God! For the _____________ of ____________ is the ____________ of _______________." (v.10)

6. Which of the following is not what John said as he beheld Christ about to leave heaven and return to earth? (v.11)
  • a. He is called Faithful and True
  • b. His eyes were a flame of fire
  • c. His robe was white and clean
  • d. He had a name known only to Himself
  • e. His name was called The Word of God
  • f. Upon His heads were many crowns
7. True or False. Jesus will strike the nations down with a sword He yields in His right hand. (vs. 15-18)

8. True or False. The "supper of the Great God" that follows Armageddon concerns a gathering of birds to eat the flesh of the dead. (vs. 15-18)

9. Which of the following does John bring to light in his epilogue of Armageddon? (v.20)
  • a. There will be many soldiers who survive
  • b. The nations go to Armageddon to fight against Christ
  • c. The Antichrist and the false prophet are cast "alive" into Gehenna
  • d. Both (b) and (c)

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