Wednesday, October 22, 2008


1. Which of the following opening statements was NOT made to John concerning Babylon? (vs. 1-2)
  • a. She is "the great harlot"
  • b. She symbolizes the city of Rome
  • c. The kings of the earth have committed fornication with her
  • d. The inhabitants of the earth were made drunk by her
2. True or False. John saw the great harlot beautifully adorned and carrying a scarlet beast upon her shoulders. (vs. 3-4)

3. Complete this statement: "And on her ____________ a name was written: ____________ BABYLON THE GREAT, THE ____________ OF HARLOTS AND OF THE __________________ OF THE _______________.” (v.5)

4. Which of the following might best explain why the great harlot bore such a strange and perverse name? (v.5)
  • a. The city was originally founded in rebellion against God
  • b. Historically, she is the fountain-head of malignant religious practices and false deities
  • c. She has influenced hundreds of thousands away from God
  • d. All of the above.
5. True or False. For all wickedness attributed to Babylon, at least it can be said that a Babylon-ish society would never consider murdering God's people. (v.6)

6. In his explanation of the "beast" (Antichrist), the angel told John that he "was", "is not", and will "ascend out of the bottomless pit." Which of the following might explain what the angel meant? (v.8)
  • a. It is a mystery of God which is not intended to be understood
  • b. Antichrist will appear in power, be dethroned, and then again emerge in power
  • c. Antichrist will appear to die, then appear to resurrect, and in the process become possessed by Satan
  • d. None of the above.
7. True or False. The meaning of the "seven heads" of the beast is this: They represent seven kingdoms. Five having passed prior to John's lifetime, the Roman kingdom being the sixth, and yet future kingdom of Antichrist being the seventh. (vs. 9-10)

8. True or False. The Antichrist is the "seventh" king, and then becomes the "eight" king when resurrects as Satan-incarnate. (v.11)

9. Who are the "ten horns" on the head of the beast according to the interpretation of the angel? (v.12)
  • a. The European Union
  • b. Ten kings who rule with Antichrist for "one hour"
  • c. Ten kings who subsequently give their power and authority to Antichrist
  • d. Both (b) and (c).
10. Which of the following statements is NOT true concerning the desolation of the "harlot" Babylon? (vs. 16-17)
  • a. Antichrist and his kingdom of nations will hate her
  • b. Antichrist and his kingdom of nations will destroy her
  • c. God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose
  • d. Antichrist will lose the support of many of his followers as a result
11. True or False. Babylon does not represent a literal city. (v.18)

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