Wednesday, October 22, 2008


1. Complete this Statement: "Then I heard a loud voice from the ____________ saying to the __________ angels, 'Go and ________ out the _________ of the __________ of ________ on the __________.' " (v.1)

2. Fill in the blanks: Name the three things affected by the outpouring of the first three judgments? (vs. 2-4)
  • a. The first judgment:______________________________________.
  • b. The second judgment:___________________________________.
  • c. The third judgment:_____________________________________.
3. True or False. Some angels can’t help but question God’s motives as He pours out His judgments. (vs. 5-7)

4. Fill in the blanks: Name the three things affected by the outpouring of the next three judgments? (vs. 8-12)
  • a. The fourth judgment:________________________________.
  • b. The fifth judgment:__________________________________.
  • c. The sixth judgment:__________________________________.
5. True or False. The "frog-like" demons that came from the mouth of Satan, Antichrist, and the false prophet, subsequently awaken the kings of the earth to join forces with Antichrist, and to do battle against God. (vs. 13-14)

6. Which might be the best explanation of Armageddon? (v.16)
  • a. It will be demon-inspired
  • b. It will be a gathering of armies in Israel
  • c. It will be according to the purposes of God
  • d. All of the above
7. What did Jesus mean—following the outpouring of the seventh bowl judgment—when He said, “It is done!” (v.17)
  • a. The mystery of God is complete
  • b. The full wrath of God has been spent
  • c. He has completed His redemptive work
  • d. He is about to return
  • e. All of the above
8. True or False. The "great earthquake" recorded in this chapter will divide Jerusalem into three parts, demolish the ruins of Babylon, and topple every city on the globe. (vs. 18-20)

9. Which of the following will not occur at Armageddon? (v.21)
  • a. Great hail will fall from heaven
  • b. Absolute annihilation of the armies gathered there
  • c. The world-at-large will still blasphemy God
  • d. All of mankind will die as a result

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