Tuesday, October 21, 2008


1. At the opening of this chapter John was clearly looking farther into the future—past the Tribulation—and then given a glimpse of Jesus Christ reigning on earth. Which group of believers did he see with Jesus? (v.1)
  • a. The Church
  • b. The 144,000
  • c. The Tribulation martyrs
  • d. The nation Israel
2. Which of the following is not one of the messages John heard delivered to the world by the three orbiting angels? (vs. 6-11)
  • a. The everlasting gospel
  • b. The announcement of the impending fall of Babylon
  • c. The “conditional” judgment regarding the souls of men
  • d. The warning to leave Jerusalem
3. True or False. Those who subsequently worship the beast or his image, and take his mark, cannot be saved. (vs. 9-11)

4. Complete this statement. "Blessed are the ________ who die in the ________ from now on. 'Yes,' says the __________, 'that they may ________ from their labors, and their works ___________________________________ them.' " (v.13)

5. True or False. The "harvest" revealed to John is a fore view, or "behind-the-curtains" look at heaven spiritually preparing the world for the judgments about to come. (v.14-16)

6. Which might best explain the "reaping" personified in the harvest? (vs. 14-16)
  • a. It speaks of judgment upon evil
  • b. It speaks of judgment that is long overdue
  • c. It has a unique judgment in mind
  • d. All of the above.
7. The "harvesting of wheat" judgment finds its fulfillment in which of the following? (vs. 14-16)
  • a. The deliverance of the nation Israel
  • b. The fall of Babylon
  • c. The gathering of Antichrist's armies to Israel
  • d. The gathering of the 144,000
  • e. The rapture of the Church
8. Which of the following is not associated with the "vintage of grapes"? (vs. 17-20)
  • a. It includes believers gathered from the "True Vine"
  • b. It will find fulfillment at Armageddon
  • c. It concerns Antichrist and his followers
  • d. It results in a virtual blood bath

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