Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome to the Revelation

"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,
but the glory of kings is to search out a matter"
--Proverbs 25:2

WELCOME! to the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Arguably, the most complete future installment of God ever beheld by a man and subsequently addressed to the Church.

BEFORE we get started, it’s important for us to understand why God has chosen to reveal this apocalyptic vision to us. Contrary to the teaching of some, the Revelation is not meant to serve as a “Tribulation Survival Kit” for the Church because the Church won’t be here. Nor is it given so we can set a date for Christ’s coming, or that we might identity the Antichrist. The Revelation has one primary purpose:
"To unveil Jesus Christ so we may know how God will accomplish all His work and purposes through Him in the last days."
WHILE many marvelous passages of truth in Revelation lend themselves to topical studies that should be discussed and learned, there are commentaries written by inspired men of God already available to the serious student without my adding yet another one. Therefore, I have limited my notes primarily to the events in the vision and have purposely avoided the traditional theological arguments and more complex exposition generally offered by scholars. My purpose is only to assist you in reading the Revelation from start to finish, help you better understand what the vision is about, and perhaps to wet your appetite enough to prompt more study.

ONE MORE THING before we dig in. If you've been avoiding the Revelation because you've considered it far too complex, obscure, or confusing for laypersons like us to understand, put your mind at rest. Even with all its symbols and images and some erratic shifts of events associated with John’s time travel, you’ll be surprised to discover how logical, chronological, and interpretable by Scripture this awesome vision really is.

PLEASE read each chapter of the Revelation directly from the Bible and then use the menu at the right to access my verse-by-verse notes. Afterward, test your knowledge with the Study Questions, and be sure to explore the other resources provided. Click "Post a Comment" below to leave a comment, or the envelope image to email this Revelation article to a friend.

May God bless and keep you throughout this incredible journey.

Jim Kobzeff
October 24, 2008
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