Friday, August 1, 2008


My name is Jim Kobzeff and I've been fascinated with the Book of Revelation from the time (as a young boy) my grandfather first told me about the vision.

I'm an evangelical Christian who accepted Jesus Christ at the age of thirteen. The Biblical teaching of Chuck Smith, senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Santa Ana, probably has had the most influence upon me as a Christian. While attending Calvary Chapel, however, I also gleaned heavily from the weekly classes taught by Chuck Missler as well as from radio teachers such as J. Vernon McGee.

Over the years I've taught Sunday School and home Bible study groups, worked with high school and college age youth groups, and acted as senior pastor for a small congregation here in Oregon for five years. I currently am a member of a large non-denominational church in Salem, Oregon.

This commentary on the Revelation was started in about 1998 and has been a work-in-progress since. It has served well as a supplement for my Bible studies on the Revelation.

I pray that it helps you discover this incredible vision.